Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great Idea! Chinese Scientist Invent first wifi lightbulb

Scientists in China have developed the world,s first Light Bulb that discharges its own wifi signal.

Academics at Fudan University in Shanghai, have invent a sample for the new technology, which they have appropriately named Li-Fi.

Experts claim the micro-chipped LED bulb workings even better than the regular wireless internet connection in China.

Li-Fi allegedly only uses 5% of the energy required to power other wifi-emitting devices which rely on chilling systems to supply internet to cell towers and stations.

Though the new technology is well suited to the country,s moving technological trends, inventors have faced difficulties in its project and manufacturing, with precise difficulty being found in the structure of the microchip.

Search from this website : http://politicscartoon.com/single_post/technology.php?tech=138


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