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10. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Make a Free WebSite)

Blogging is turning out to an addictive past-time for a lot of people around the world. Apart from being a great medium to express your feelings and experiences, blogs can Turn into alternate means to earn some quick bucks.
With recession rocking the boat and intermittent lay-offs and salary cuts - why not make some extra money through blogging. You need no special technical knowledge or literary abilities to start a blog. Here are ways in which you can earn money while blogging:
Select an exciting topic: The basic rule of blogging is to choose a topic close to your heart. Its best if you love something other people also love, such as sports, politics, or celebrities. All blogs have the potential to create revenue, but the popular ones are those which are informative or related to one’s life experiences”.
Blog tip:
Instead of picking a niche topic like diet tips, where there's only little you can write on, pick a general way of looking at life or an area of interest that you're passionate about. Successful bloggers always stick to the theory that "content is king". It holds particularly true if you hope to earn by blogging. Ensure that new content is contributed on a regular basis. And this can always be possible when the topic of your blog motivates you to write on a regular basis.
Increase traffic to your blog:
Your blog will not make money if no one finds your blog! Your ultimate goal should be to achieve a high ranking in the search engines. So try and build traffic to your blog or make your blog accessible to a large number of readers so that people visiting your blog can increase. The basics involve writing quality content, and updating the content on a daily or weekly basis. The best way to promote your blog is by joining a blog network such as blogadda, technorati, blogarama, buzzerhut, blogcatalog, etc. A blog network website helps bloggers by highlighting and promoting their blog to millions of users all over the world. blog tip: Joining a blog network and gaining a strong following through that network is the best ways to build blog traffic. It is difficult to get good traffic to your blog, but after submitting your blog to various blog network websites you will more page views. To calculate the amount of traffic coming to your blog, Google and other websites provide a solution. Google-webmaster, mypagerank, trafficonblog etc are some websites that calculate the amount of traffic generated by your blog. You just need to register on these websites to can check your traffic details on a daily basis.
Once you are able to get a good amount of traffic to your blog, you can proceed to the earning strategies. The most obvious way to make money through blogging is with advertising. Advertisers pay a few cents when an ad is clicked upon. Or, they may pay a certain rate for each 1,000 page views. blog tip: The most famous advertisement method for most bloggers is Google Adsence Google ads are usually the first foray of new bloggers into the world advertising. Easy to use, they only provide a fraction of income to successful bloggers. Lucrative deals come from advertisers who pay a good deal of money for displaying there ad on your blog. Some of them are AdBrite, AdGenta, BidVertiser, Pogads, clicksor etc. It's easy to get ads on your site, but difficult to earn from them. You'll need thousands of visitors each month. Affiliate programs Affiliate programs are again good methods of earning money through a blog. Affiliate programs are similar to advertising. But in affiliate programs you are paid directly by advertisers for placing a banner ad or a text ad on your site. Here people can also earn by putting affiliate links inside their blog posts. You may get paid when a visitor clicks an affiliate link. But usually, visitors must make a purchase from the affiliate. blog tip: Earning money from affiliate programs is more difficult, but if it works you could earn ten per cent or more, per product user buy through your blog. Amazon, ebay, commission Junction, linkShare are some of the websites that are leaders in the affiliate programs. You can recommend books or other products available for purchase from other sources, and earn very generous sales commissions when your visitors buy those products.

9. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Increase Web Traffic)

1-Submit Your website or blog to search engines. If you can not submit your site to all search engines,
2-Submit Your website or blog to web directories. There are so many free and paid web directories. One of the top free web directory is Directiories where you can submit your site free.
3-Introduce your website to community forums and enter your site in the signature place.
4-Exchange Links with high traffic and page rank sites. Almost sites require reciprocal links. Place their link on your sites and put your site or blog to their sites. To exchange link with us, Click here.
5-Create site map of your website to submit it to search engines. When you submit your website to search engines. The search engines index only your site home page, To index all the pages of your website you must submit your website site map in search engines.
6-Update your website regularly and place best keywords to get more earning from Google Adsense.You can also search for highest paying keywords relating to your website keywords.
7-Submit your website to article listening sites. Create Article and place your website in the article.
8-Post comments on the sites that offer comments and enter your website link in your comments.
9-Make back links as you can make. More the back links you have, Higher the page rank of your website.
10-Do not remove reciprocal link after the approval of your link on other site. When they do not found reciprocal link on your site, they will remove your link from their site and you will lose links.

8. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (How to increase income from Google Adsense)

Did you know that the standard Google AdSense advert is not the best and most effective one?
If you've been using Google AdSense already, you'll know that there are different advert formats that you can try on your website.
The most important thing that you can do to improve your Google AdSense income is to increase the click-through rate or CTR For example,
*1000 pages visits, with a 1% CTR, is 10 clicks
*1000 page visits, with a 10% CTR, is 100 clicks
Which would you rather have? Google AdSense does not allow detailed discussions of actual CTR's but implementing the following hints and tips improved my AdSense income, literally overnight. If you are using the Leaderboard, Banner or Skyscraper adverts, then you are not using the most effective advert, in terms of CTR. By using the 336 x 280 Large Rectangle and 250 x 250 Square, you will instantly improve your CTR. Changing the colours of the text and background of your Google AdSense advert can also improve CTR.
You can do this by visiting colour palettes on the "AdSense for Content" page. The standard colour for the Linked Title is a royal blue and the advertiser-url is a green. By changing the Linked Title to a dark blue and the Advertiser URL to a light grey, you will also improve your CTR and hence your income. If your page background is coloured, then changing the background colour of your advert to match, making the advert blend in on the page, once again improves your CTR. Do experiment with what works for you site - for some sites, the right color could be yellow, purple or pink - find out what works for you and use it! For further hints and tips on improving your Google AdSense income, visit Google AdSense Secret

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7. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (How to apply for Google Adsense)

To get an adsense account it is very easy and you can apply for this service without any hesitation. The instructions are very simple. Just follow the following instructions that you can easily create an adsense account.
1.First of all open your Internet Browser (IE or Firefox. etc) and type the following URL in
Address bar
2.Now you can see a website will open that is necessary to create your account on right side you will see a BLUE button which display a message on it called "Signup Now" Just click on it.
3.An application form will open that is requiring your full information to create adsense add count you should put the right information about you in this form. At last you see an agreement please also read it.
4.After writing full information click on the "Submit Info" then your form will submit.
5.At last Google shall verify your website if your website meet the requirements of Google then it will be very grateful for you. Then Google send you an E-mail regarding Adsense Account information and you will be able to handle your account.

6. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (How can we avoid to be blocked)

6. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Google Adsense Supported Languages)

Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages. Applications for participation in the program can be for sites with content primarily in:

Chinese (simplified)Korean
Chinese (traditional)Norwegian

In addition, AdSense for search is available in Indonesian and Vietnamese. These languages are not supported for AdSense for content pages.
You can select your site's primary language during the application process. If you're approved, AdSense will serve relevant ads to your pages in the appropriate language, even if your site contains multiple supported languages.

5. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Google Adsense add to your Website)

How to add Google AdSense to your Website

As a website owner, you may decide that you wish to add Google AdSense advertising to your website.

What is Google AdSense?

You can think of 'AdSense' as a new business opportunity. It's completely free. Yes, it's an opportunity for you to make money from your own website. The advertising programme is made up of 2 key elements:
  • AdSense for Content
  • AdSense for Search

    AdSense for Content

    Google AdSense is a quick and easy way for website owners to display Google Ads on their website. When people visit your website and click the Google Ads, you get paid money. Simple!

    The advertising served up by Google is related to what your visitors are looking for on your site. In other words, it's context sensitive. For example, if your website is about 'recruitment', then you can be pretty sure that the presentation of 'Ads by Goooooogle' on your site will also be about recruitment.

    In fact, it's even better than that. Google AdSense is looking at the content of each and every web page on your website. So, this means that the content of the Google Advertising will align with the information on each web page in your site.

    It's completely automatic and you don't need to worry about it.

    AdSense for Search

    This feature will allow you to add a Google Search Bar to your own website. So, this means that visitors to your website can use the Google Search Bar and search for information contained in your site.

    And what's more, when a search is performed, the search engine returns Google AdSense advertising in the search results. Once again, it's fully automatic and the advertisements are directly related to the search query.

    Now here's the good bit! When people click your Search Ads (these are the sponsored ads), you are paid money. It's a pay per click scheme, so you can make money as people use your search bar.

    For example, if you search for 'hotels on the moon', this means that the 'Ads by Goooooogle' in the search results will also be about hotels on the moon.

    Don't worry if you are not using search technology directly within your site. Once again, it's all taken care of. For example, it will work perfectly well on a simple HTML site.

    Join: Google AdSense 

    Can I use AdSense at Quick on the Net?

    Yes indeed, the site-builder supports the use of Google AdSense.

    Yes, you can use both 'Content' and 'Search' in your site and we also provide you with our own site search feature in our websites. In other words, all of our websites come with a free site search tool anyway.

    How do I put Google AdSense on my Website?

    Firstly, you need to SIGN-UP to Quick on the Net and SIGN-UP to Google AdSense.

    Now, log into the AdSense toolkit and go to 'Content' or 'Search', according to your preference. For example, if you wish to display some advertising in your site, go to 'AdSense for Content'.

    Select your options from:
  • 'Ad unit' or 'Link unit'
  • Format
  • Colours (Colour palettes - select a default palette or create a unique palette for your own website)
  • Your AdSense Code (this is the code you will 'copy' and 'paste' onto your web page)

    Now, log into your toolkit at Quick on the Net and go to:
  • 'Pages'
  • Edit the web page which where you intend to 'paste' in the code
  • Click on <>
  • Paste in the AdSense Code
  • Save the page
  • Simple!

    Now Relax and Make Some Money! 

    Have you done it yet? What are you waiting for? Make Money the Easy Way! 
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    4. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Get Ad Code)

          When you successfully complete the initial process to put your ads on your web page first you have to 
            generate them for this you have to follow these steps:

    1.      You should logged in to your adsense account by using the following URL

    Enter Username and Password and press Enter. Then you should be able to view your account page.

    2.     Click on adsense setup a new page will open.
    3.     There will four types of ads listed there.
    Adsense for Content

    a. Ad Unit

    1. Image & text
    2. Link Unit
    3. Image Ad
    Adsense for Search
    ADsense for Feeds
    ADsense for Domains

    Now suppose that you have to generate an "Image Ad" then you must click "Adsense for content".

    And you'll see Ad Unit dropdown list box select image ad only from this list box and hit continue.
    4.     Now you have defined your ads type then you should select specific size for this ad from a web survey report. 76% of the website earns from 336 X 280 and 468x60 size ads. But you also create your desired size ad for example Google provide different dimensional ads. The list is shown below.
    728x90 Leader Board
    468x60 Banner
    234x60 Half Banner
    120x600 Sky Scrapper
    160x600 Wide Sky Scrapper
    120x240 Vertical Banner
    360x280 Large Rectangle
    300x250 Medium Rectangle
    250x250 Square
    200x200 Small Square
    120x150 small Rectangle
    125x125 Button

    Now suppose that you select 360x280 after selecting hit continue.

    5.     On the next step you should give a name to this ad and hit "submit and Get Code".
    6.     You see a very strange type of JavaScript Code copy it and paste it in the body tag of your website.
    All steps are completed now you should wait from 10 to 15 minutes that your ads will display.
    Note: Keep In mind that these above steps are very important for your account try to perform all operations and steps carefully and make no mistake at this stage that we all know good setting always gives you good earning.

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    3. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (10 Big Mistakes)

    Before creating an adsense account realize this thing in your mind that you never ever this guys or make fraud with Google and please try to avoid the below describe 10 Major mistakes.

    1. Don't click on your own ads. Because 70% of the peoples has been banned due to clicking on their own       ads. In Google's terminology it is said "Invalid Clicks".
    2. Also make sure that you are not in the black list before creating new adsense account. It will make you  
        more difficult to survive in Google's world and your account 100% sure will banned.
    3. One account is enough for many websites suppose you have two hundred websites then one account will
        meet the requirement as like single account. Google has given the permission to put your ads on any 
    4. Don't use the forcing words that make the people to click on them.

        For example:

        Click Here
        Useful links
        Click and Win

        But you use following words that are more suitable.

        Sponsored By

    5. Make sure that your website should support Google recommended language. (Note: Google Does Not
        Support Urdu language.)
    6. Don't Pass your adsense JavaScript code to anyone via E-mail Because Google have a deep eye on
    7. Don't display adsense on a Popup window because Google strictly prohibit this thing.
    8. Don't put your ads on a webpage that has no content or there is no data or information.
    9. Don't display your ads on a page where you are getting information from user like:

        Application Form
        Registration Form
        Login Page etc.

    10. Avoid using any tool that clicks automatically on your ads. Google Has a bull hawk eye on these tools.

          For example:

         Auto Clicker
         Click Sensor

    2. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Account Banned)

    1. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (What is Google Adsense)

    If you knows about the internet then you surely knows about the GOOGLE. google is listed in one of the most richest companies in the world. google intorduced many product and Adsense is one of them. although GOOGLE is rich but he wants the other peoples in this world also get rich.

    How adsense works ? 

    When you apply for the google's adsense product . the allow you to use an adsense account . adsense account provide options to generate ads and the advertiser put this on his or her website. when ads displays on his website and some visitors came here and click on his site and he get paid for a little percentage in dollars which has been added after all on you adsense account. Now there is a question that who' ads are their?

    the answer to this question is so simple that every person or company who made a product ,want it to be famous so he get start advertising on news paper,mags,tv and on the websites ,now google is place where lots of people come to search for their desierd things and this product or service maker pay to google and avail adword facility in which google spread their ads over the web.