Sunday, November 13, 2011

3. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (10 Big Mistakes)

Before creating an adsense account realize this thing in your mind that you never ever this guys or make fraud with Google and please try to avoid the below describe 10 Major mistakes.

1. Don't click on your own ads. Because 70% of the peoples has been banned due to clicking on their own       ads. In Google's terminology it is said "Invalid Clicks".
2. Also make sure that you are not in the black list before creating new adsense account. It will make you  
    more difficult to survive in Google's world and your account 100% sure will banned.
3. One account is enough for many websites suppose you have two hundred websites then one account will
    meet the requirement as like single account. Google has given the permission to put your ads on any 
4. Don't use the forcing words that make the people to click on them.

    For example:

    Click Here
    Useful links
    Click and Win

    But you use following words that are more suitable.

    Sponsored By

5. Make sure that your website should support Google recommended language. (Note: Google Does Not
    Support Urdu language.)
6. Don't Pass your adsense JavaScript code to anyone via E-mail Because Google have a deep eye on
7. Don't display adsense on a Popup window because Google strictly prohibit this thing.
8. Don't put your ads on a webpage that has no content or there is no data or information.
9. Don't display your ads on a page where you are getting information from user like:

    Application Form
    Registration Form
    Login Page etc.

10. Avoid using any tool that clicks automatically on your ads. Google Has a bull hawk eye on these tools.

      For example:

     Auto Clicker
     Click Sensor


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