Saturday, November 26, 2011

9. GoogleAdsenseGuide - (Increase Web Traffic)

1-Submit Your website or blog to search engines. If you can not submit your site to all search engines,
2-Submit Your website or blog to web directories. There are so many free and paid web directories. One of the top free web directory is Directiories where you can submit your site free.
3-Introduce your website to community forums and enter your site in the signature place.
4-Exchange Links with high traffic and page rank sites. Almost sites require reciprocal links. Place their link on your sites and put your site or blog to their sites. To exchange link with us, Click here.
5-Create site map of your website to submit it to search engines. When you submit your website to search engines. The search engines index only your site home page, To index all the pages of your website you must submit your website site map in search engines.
6-Update your website regularly and place best keywords to get more earning from Google Adsense.You can also search for highest paying keywords relating to your website keywords.
7-Submit your website to article listening sites. Create Article and place your website in the article.
8-Post comments on the sites that offer comments and enter your website link in your comments.
9-Make back links as you can make. More the back links you have, Higher the page rank of your website.
10-Do not remove reciprocal link after the approval of your link on other site. When they do not found reciprocal link on your site, they will remove your link from their site and you will lose links.


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